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"Straight Shooter" Color-Top Bong

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"Straight Shooter" 8" Tall boro straight tube by LA Pipes. The classic now has a flair of color around the mouthpiece. Always handmade in Los Angeles California. Don't be fooled by look-a-likes who ride on our coattails and name their companies after precious stones and metals. Diamonds this and platinums that ain't got nothing on the one and only OG Los Angeles made brand, LA Pipes. We've been doing it since 1997 and we're here to stay. The rest are Chinese imports with a fancy logo. Don't be caught with "Flike's" or "Abbibas", when you can get the real deal for the same price. We also guarantee our pipes for life! You heard right. If you ever break a LA Pipes bong come back for another LA Pipes item and retain 50% of your original paid price. 

38mm diameter tubing with heavy wall American borosilicate glass, featuring an ice-pinch and straight base. The mouth is wrapped with green slyme, purple slyme, amber resin, jet black onyx, or sapphire blue. Adorned with the LA Pipes decal and the official gold seal. The pipe comes with a 14mm glass-on-glass bowl and diffused 14mm/18mm down-stem.

The waterpipe is the perfect everyday smoker, great for travel, perfect camping companion, and just a must-have in every collection. 

Customer Reviews

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Michael Brigham
My new Favorite

Just arrived today and I am impressed. This is first purchase but certainly not my last. I love the substantial feel and the craftsmanship is apparent. Smoke worthy of your finest. Thanks y’all. Ill be back for more 😎

Hi Michael!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review on our 'Straight Shooter' Color-Top Bong. We are thrilled to hear that you are impressed with your purchase and that it has become your new favorite.

We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you again in the future. Stay lit!

Douglas Kenworthy

Transaction was very smooth

Hello Douglas,

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that your purchase experience was a smooth one. Thank you for choosing our 'Straight Shooter' Color-Top Bong. Stay lit!

Mike W
Nice looking pipe, but not for me

This pipe looks good, feels good, and is clearly well-made. Unfortunately, the the straight short neck and small diameter ensure water splashes up into my mouth no matter how gently I hit it or how little water I put in it to start.

To try and combat the splash, I have tried filling the neck with ice, filling it with small river rocks, and inserting small rounds of those green kitchen scrubbies. These have been moderately successful at making it usable if I'm always careful about how I hit it. Even with all this, I still sometimes wind up with water in my mouth when a bowl snaps sooner than I expected.

I prefer shorter water pipes like this one, but something about how this one is set up just makes it difficult to use. Maybe it's made for someone who smokes differently than I do. I would suggest something a little taller, or one that has the kink in the neck if you take bigger hits.

Hey Mike.

Thank you so much for the feedback! We use this information in how we design our pipes. Let's get you fixed up. We offer a variety of other 8' tall pipes. The next size up is 12'. I'd suggest a beaker shape. They hold more water and splash less. Check these out.

All of these should do a better job with splashing.

Please contact our customer service and we can offer you 50% discount and we'll throw in a extra bowl and downstem.

Hopefully that works for you!


Not only is this priced nicely it is an awesome bong, hand made LA pipes are the best!

Glad to hear you love your new 'Straight Shooter' Color-Top Bong, MC! If ever you have the misfortune of dealing with a breakage there, we will be happy to assist you anytime. Happy Smoking!