About Us

LA Pipes products are handmade in Los Angeles and backed for life. Our pipes can be used for a variety of legal substances based on your local jurisdiction. 

We focus on functionality with each piece we make. If something is off after we make a pipe, we either fix it or stop making the pipe. If you're even not happy with something you purchased, we have you covered...for the lifetime of your product. 

LA Pipes glassblowers make dry pipes and water pipes, like, bongs, dab rigs, hand-pipes, Sherlocks, Gandalfs, and other glass smoking accessories. Although we make all our branded products here in the U.S., accessories like bowls, down-stems, and bangers, are made in China, as they would be too expensive to make in the US. Anyone claiming they make these accessories in the United States either must sell them for $50 or more for a basic glass bowl or is not honest about the product origins.