Glass Bubblers | Handmade in Los Angeles

Check out our selection of handmade borosilicate glass bubblers by LA Pipes. Available in a variety of designs, such as Sherlock, Sidecar, and Hammer. Our bubblers are made to perfection with every detail meticulously cared for. From the depth of the bowl, the hole size in the bowl, the size of the cab, the placement of downstem, the quality of welds, and overall workmanship.

Bubblers are a great alternative to hand-pipes, as they cool and filter your smoke through water. They're great to use at home or when you're on the go. Wether you're camping, at the beach, or at home, an LA Pipes glass bubblers is the right companion for your smoking sesh.

If you're looking for something fancy, check out our Heady Bubblers.