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"Galactic Storm" Full Dichro Spoon Hand Pipe

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Around 4 inches long, this beautiful nebulous full dichroic glass hand-pipe is handmade with solid encased dichroic tubing. The dichroic glass is back with cobalt blue borosilicate glass, then encased in clear boro glass. Two clear glass magnifier marbles, a carb, a spoon shape, and a flared mouthpiece make this glass pipe a functional masterpiece. 

Dichroic glass is used on the windows of the space shuttle. Heavy metals are evaporated and fused to the surface of the glass. The variety of these metals makes up the reflective colors of the glass. When backed by a dark color and encased in clear boro, the dichro comes to life and creates the magical look of the galaxy in a pipe. 

One of our all-time best-selling hand pipes. We also have several other shapes of dichro hand-pipes: "Galactic Storm""Star Dust""Ringed Maria", and "Supernova".   

  • Approx 4"-4.5" long
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Dichroic glass
  • Spoon-shaped glass hand-pipe
  • Magnifier marbles
  • Handmade in Los Angeles
  • Made for dry herbs