LA Pipes "Jacobs Ladder" Clear Zong Bong

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LA Pipes "Jacobs Ladder" Zig-Zag Zong bubble base bong. Now say that three times real fast. This 12" bubble base zong bong has three zong points. The zong style doesn't only look awesome, you it allows you to put ice in the neck of the pipe to cool the smoke (right sized ice-cubes not provided). The bong has a funnel pull flower bowl with a removable down-stem. This allows for easy replacement. This waterpipe uses rubber grommet to create a airtight seal.—all handmade in the heart of Los Angeles.

  • 12 inch tall
  • 32mm diameter tubing
  • Fixed downstem
  • Rubber grommets
  • Flower bowl and downstem include
  • Made in the USA