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"Typhoon Twister" Glass Bong

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LA Pipes "Typhoon Twister" is an 11" Glass bubble pedestal base bong with two discs and a twisted chamber. A "twist" (sorry for the pun) on a true classic. The bubble-base bong holds a good amount of water. The pedestal elevates the bong and gives the pipe a nice a base to sit on. The twisted neck not only looks cool, it swirls the smoked increasing the distance it has to travel to your mouth, cooling the smoke down even further but also makes you look real cool....for sure. A gathered mouthpiece for comfort and durability when you smoke and a pull-stem bowl and grommeted downstem for easy cleaning and replacement. Inexpensive but high-quality American made bong. You won't find American glass at this low price, with such quality craftsmanship. 

  • Approx 11 inches tall
  • 32mm diameter tubing
  • Funnel glass pull bowl and downstem
  • Rubber grommet
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • Handmade in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Shonda C
Nice little bong

Love the size of this one but, the bowl (while it holds a decent amount) is rather thin. Bottom of stem was cracked when I received it but, they were quick to replace it for me after sending a pic.

Hi Shonda!

We're glad to hear that you're enjoying the size of your 'Typhoon Twister' Glass Bong! We apologize for the issue with the bowl and the cracked stem, but we're happy we were able to quickly replace it for you. Thanks for choosing our product!

Derrick Newell
Received dirty

Can’t use it. Came in dirty and cry hard to clean.

This is a completely false claim, but I'm publishing it so that others can see how some people try and defraud a small company. First of all you were refunded 100% of what you paid. Secondly, we did not ship you a dirty pipe. That makes no sense. Why would we ship you a dirty pipe, then refund you, then publish your review? You could've said you didn't like the pipe and we would have replaced it or refunded your money. Instead you decided to make up a lie and give our customer service a hard time...and what did we do? We refunded you all of your money and allowed you to keep the pipe you smoked out of. And that's without being asked to do so by you. That's the kind of people we are and that's the type of company we are. Enjoy your free pipe!

Justyn Roth
Bowl replacement

Customer service was excellent to provide new bowl piece that got damaged in transit fast shipping too