Glasshouse Quartz Reclaim Kit with 2x Silicone Dish

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A set for reclaiming and recycling concentrate. Includes a 90 degree reclaim attachment with etched male joint for output and female joint for input. Includes 2 multi-colored silicone concentrate containers. 

The concentrate containers slip onto the under side of the attachment. Instead of being trapped in the quartz, the concentrate drips into the container while taking hits. A useful accessory made for the upsell.  

  • Open-bottomed reclaimer
  • 14mm male etched joint
  • 14mm female etched joint
  • 90 degree angle
  • 2x silicone jars
  • Glasshouse platinum decal
  • 90-degree bend
  • Designed in US, handmade in China, and tested for quality