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"Galaxy" Fumed Spoon Pipe

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Experience a celestial sensation with the LA Pipes "Nebula" Silver Fumed Cobalt Blue Spoon Pipe. A striking combination of elegant design and quality craftsmanship, this pipe offers both beauty and functionality. Explore more of our remarkable hand-blown pieces in our online smoke shop's hand pipes collection.

  • Approx 3.5 inches or 4.5 inches long
  • 99.9% Pure silver fumed on cobalt blue tubing
  • Made for dry herbs and flower
  • Hand-blown in Los Angeles

Two Sizes Available

Choose from two convenient sizes to fit your preference: approximately 3.5 inches or 4.5 inches long. Each size offers the same stellar quality and design.

99.9% Pure Silver Fumed on Cobalt Blue Tubing

With 99.9% pure silver fumed onto cobalt blue tubing, this pipe showcases an ethereal appearance that changes and deepens in color as it's used.

Made for Dry Herbs and Flower

Designed with the aficionado in mind, this pipe is perfect for enjoying your favorite dry herbs and flowers.

Hand-Blown in Los Angeles

Every "Nebula" spoon pipe is hand-blown in Los Angeles, reflecting a commitment to local craftsmanship and exceptional quality.

Why Choose the LA Pipes "Nebula" Silver Fumed Cobalt Blue Spoon Pipe?

The "Nebula" spoon pipe is more than just a smoking accessory; it's a work of art. With its otherworldly design and top-notch materials, it stands out in any collection.

Whether you're looking for a pipe that delivers a smooth smoking experience or a piece that adds a touch of class to your glassware collection, the LA Pipes "Nebula" Silver Fumed Cobalt Blue Spoon Pipe is an excellent choice.

Indulge in the unique and extraordinary with this eye-catching spoon pipe. View our entire hand pipes collection and add the LA Pipes "Nebula" Silver Fumed Cobalt Blue Spoon Pipe to your collection today.

Disclaimer: Please use responsibly and in accordance with local regulations.