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"Alchemist" 14 Inch Scientific Beaker Water Pipe

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LA Pipes the "Alchemist", 14" tall, skinny body, beaker waterpipe with thick walls. A smaller diameter tube makes for a denser yet surprisingly smooth hit. This lab quality waterpipe is made with clear boro glass. The extra-long neck cools the smoke more than most waterpipes. A flared mouthpiece, ice pinch, beaker base, and diffused down-stem. A perfect house piece. Great for dry herb or vaping concentrates. The small diameter and long neck of this pipe make it perfect for smoking concentrates as well as dry herbs. This pipes comes with a flower bowl and quartz banger. LA Pipes pipes are handmade in Los Angeles, California. Well-built, dependable, and fully functional. Exactly what you can expect from LA Pipes!

  • 14 inches tall
  • 26mm heavy wall tubing
  • 45 degree 18mm female joint
  • Comes with 14mm male bowl
  • Comes with 14mm 45 degree male quartz banger
  • Comes with diffused 18mm/14mm down-stem
  • Ice pinch
  • Handmade in the Los Angeles California

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Pretty fucking sick

Thought it was a scam site, but received the bong in good condition, everything went great (except for the fact I accidentally delivered it to my neighbors house.) Anyways good smooth hits and quality glass

Hey Andrew,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We're so glad you took a chance on our site and found it to be legit. We're also happy to hear that your bong arrived in good condition and that you're enjoying those smooth hits. Just make sure to double check the delivery address next time ;) Thanks again for your support and happy smoking!

Jack G
14" beaker

This is a super nice piece, especially for the price. Good glass, smooth hits. Highly recommend

Hello Jack! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our 'Alchemist' 14 Inch Scientific Beaker Water Pipe. We're glad to hear that you are enjoying the smooth hits and good quality glass of this piece. We appreciate your recommendation and hope to continue providing you with great products at a reasonable price. Happy smoking!

Chris Hall
ALCHEMIST 14 Inch Scientific Beaker

I love this piece! It's slim and small beaker base make for a nice shotgun hits

Hi Chris! Thank you for your review! We are so glad to hear that you love our 'Alchemist' 14 Inch Scientific Beaker. We designed it to be slim and small for easy use, and we are happy to hear that it has made for some great shotgun hits for you. Thanks for choosing our product and happy smoking!

Solid choice...

... for a solid pipe. Very sturdy and well made including components and works well. I might size up for larger hits but this still does an outstanding job.

Hi Jeebs. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our 'Alchemist' 14 Inch Scientific Beaker Water Pipe. We are thrilled to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase and found it to be sturdy and well-made. We appreciate your feedback and will definitely consider your suggestion to size up for larger hits. We hope you continue to enjoy your pipe and thank you for choosing our product. Smoke up!

Ben solo
the best bong ive had in a while... and i usually buy roor

im a real person. i thought this was a joke ripp off site. its not i got my bong faster then any other site ive ever got from i remember the days of a 2month plus wait for a roor.

like 3days i think. great packaging. id have bought a legit high quality ceramic grinder for 10$ if they offered that. maybe they are cool like the old days when people made cash off your suggestion a or incite and they were like here thanks gifts n stuff. i want this alchemist but with a perculator and keep it beaker with a option for a tube extentsion.

the hit is so amazing though on this one thr draw is very desirable i had a roor like it but i actually like this one better made roor should check out the beaker version lol. but when i see the price of the champion that is the alchemist and their policy bye bye other companies. im retiring my jbd and ROOR.

said like bane " to the people, while gotham maybe falling around us. this bong will help put the right head spin on life. cuz i can hit this like i did batman. he never even thanked me for being the aid in his metamorphasis. dont panic...its organic!"

this is like a gandlof bong... no pipe

That's great to hear that Ben! We're extremely glad that you are satisfied with your purchase. We love feedbacks like these as we are constantly working on creating pieces that would tailor fit our customer's preferences. The Alchemist is one of our solid and neat pieces and has been a daily driver for most of our customers. Also, all our products have a lifetime warranty so if ever you have a breakage there, feel free to reach out and we'll take care of it right away. Smoke Up!