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"Candy Spoon" Inside-Out Color Changing Glass Pipe

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This LA Pipes classic had been a best seller for decades. This pipe boasts a spoon-shaped pipe design, a flared and flattened mouthpiece, and three marbles on the bowl for grip, hand-feel, and aesthetics. Made from solid borosilicate glass and fumed with pure silver, this pipe will change color with use over time. The inside of the pipe is worked with solid cane-color and latticinio glass, where strands of colored glass are wrapped around each other before being melted into the clear glass. A true work of art and hand-crafted by glass artisans in Los Angeles. 

  • Approximately 4.25 inches long
  • Silver-fumed and color changing
  • Inside-out latticinio and color cane
  • Clear marbles on bowl
  • Handmade in Los Angeles California
  • Solid borosilicate glass