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Iridescent Titanium Dabber Set with Silicone Dish and Case

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A sweet collection of iridescent titanium dab tools. This dabber set also includes a  travel case and 1 multi-colored non-stick concentrate container. Choose from 5 different tools, each double-side, including spatulas, scoops, and dabbers. From wax to sauce, there is a tool for every type of concentrate. These tools are lightweight and corrosion-resistant and can withstand high temps. Perfect for traveling dab stars. 

  • 5 Double-sided dab tools
  • Iridescent titanium
  • Non-stick silicone concentrate container
  • Travel container
  • Imported and tested for quality

Most accessories are typically NOT made in the USA as they can be very expensive to manufacture. All of our pipes are American-made but we offer some imported accessories for your convenience. 

Customer Reviews

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Shirazzi Geye

I've used the dab tools extensively and am extremely satisfied with them. Easy to use easy to clean.

Hi Shirazzi, Thanks so much for sharing your review of the Iridescent Titanium Dabber Set with Silicone Dish and Case. We're delighted to hear that you are extremely satisfied with your purchase and find the dab tools easy to use and clean. Your satisfaction is our top priority! If there's anything else you need or any further feedback you'd like to share, please don't hesitate to let us know. Enjoy your dabbing experience! Best regards,