Glasshouse String Theory Full Quartz Banger Kit

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The Circles Trippy Edition Full Quartz Banger Kit by Glasshouse, or as we like to call them the "String Theory" collection are truly a work of art. These hand-etched, solid quartz, 25mm diameter by 14mm ground joint banger also come with a disc style carb cap and two terp pearls. A super effective, yet stylish banger to add to any collection. 

The heavy base has great heat retention and distribution, the terp pearls spin over concentrates in the corners of your banger, ensuring you have no waste. The carb cap temporarily increases chamber temperature so that you can stay right on temp for the perfect hit.

  • 90 Degree angle
  • 14mm Ground joint
  • 100% solid quartz
  • 2.5mm quartz banger wall thickness
  • 14mm ground male joint
  • 2x 6mm terp pearl beads
  • Cyclone disc carb-cap
  • Etched with the Glasshouse logo
  • 90-degree bend
  • Designed in US, handmade in China, and tested for quality