Glasshouse Hurricane 2.0 Quartz Banger Kit

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The Hurricane 2.0 Quartz Banger Kit by Glasshouse Quartz. This banger kit comes with a hurricane-style quartz banger that's 20mm wide. This badass banger has a built-in splash guard and a bevel top and a glow in the dark marble-style carb cap.

The vortex slitted base with the included spinner terp pearls gives you maximum vaporization

  • 3mm wall quartz banger
  • 14mm sanded male joint
  • 6mm quartz beds
  • Glow marble carb cap
  • 2x Terp pearls
  • 20mm wide
  • 100% solid quartz
  • Beveled top
  • Etched with the Glasshouse logo