Glasshouse Egg Turbo Cyclone Quartz Banger Kit

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Glasshouse Egg Turbo Beveled Top to Circular Egg with Circular Slitted Base

The Glasshouse Quartz Egg Turbo Quartz Banger Kit will have you dabbing like a pro! This three-time state Champion includes a bevel top banger made of high quality quartz with a 14.5mm male joint. 

This terp slurper-style banger creates a cyclone with the angled slits in the base perc. The egg shaped midsection expands the air and enhances the cyclonic effect. A flat beveled top allow the glow in the dark marble cap to sip perfectly on top. The two terp pearl beads also glow in the dark. Just imagine dem shits spinning around while you're blasted off some diamonds. 

Sandblasted logo and 14mm ground joint complete this bad boy. 

  • 90 Degree angle
  • 14mm Ground joint
  • 100% solid quartz
  • 14mm ground male joint
  • 2x 6mm glow in the dark pearl beads
  • Marble glow in the dark cap cap
  • Cyclone perc
  • Egg cyclone expanding chamber
  • Etched with the Glasshouse logo
  • Designed in US, handmade in China, and tested for quality