Glasshouse "Ice Set" Rounded Base 25m Concave Flattop Full Quartz Kit

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Glasshouse "Ice Set" 3mm Thick Wall, Rounded Base 25m Concave Flattop Full Quartz

The perfect set up all in one dabbing accessory set. The Glasshouse "Ice Set" is a 4 piece system that includes: a 25mm round base quartz banger with flat top, 3mm opaque beads, a tornado directional carp cab, and a quartz insert cup. Everything necessary to dial in the perfect hit.

  • 3mm thick wall
  • 25mm Quartz Banger with Concave flat top
  • 14mm etched male joint
  • (2) 3mm opaque glass beads
  • Directional Tornado Carb Cap
  • Quartz Cup Insert
  • Glasshouse logo etched in the glass
  • 90-degree bend
  • Designed in US, handmade in China, and tested for quality