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LA Pipes has been making handmade bongs, pipes, bubblers, and dab rigs in Los Angeles California since the 1990's. We love glass and the culture that surrounds it. We're proud to offer pipes that we smoke out of ourselves. We back our product with a lifetime guarantee and we provide a level customer service that's superior to even the best e-commerce stores. 

LA Pipes has now expanded it's in-house brand lineup to offer product made by other brands, such as Glassic, Calibear, Crush, Glasshouse, and JM Plastics. This expands our main offerings while giving you the same level of customer service. Although Glassic, Calibear, Crush, Glasshouse are designed in California, they're handmade in China. That said we make sure what we carry doesn't jeopardize on quality. JM Plastics is proudly handmade in Los Angeles.

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