About Us

Our Approach

LA Pipes mission is to ensure our clients' success by providing direct access to manufacturers, lower prices, 100% fulfillment, clear invoicing, custom branding, and dedicated account expert. We specialize in large accounts and retailers with multiple locations. 

Our Story

I started in the smoking accessories business nearly 15 years ago. Unsatisfied with the status quo I founded UPC Distribution, which was later sold to Smoke Cartel, Inc becoming Glassheads Distribution. This time I'm removing barriers between manufacturers and retailers. No more paying premiums to middlemen, no more partially filled orders, and no more airhead salesmen. Manufacturers make your orders, they ship complete, you pay on average 30% less, and you deal with knowledgable professionals.

The Dream Team

15 years of industry expertise. Knowledgeable and professional. No BS, no sales pitches, just honesty and the guidance you need to make informed decisions.


Ali Alavi

Business Development

15 years of experience in wholesale, retail, manufacturing, branding, and marketing.


Vivi Morales

Manufacturing & Logistics

20 years of industry know-how in manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping.

Next Steps...

Email us with your inquiry. We'll respond right away and start answering any questions you may have.